8 Best Practices To Improve Your Email Deliverability

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Email deliverability is often overlooked because email marketers are so focused on the other moving parts of an email campaign–copy, design, and sending frequency just to name a few. But all this work put into those front-end components is lost if your emails aren’t even reaching the inbox. The following tips will help position your email program to be viewed favorably by both the ISPs and your users. Read More ›

Mapping Customer Lifecycle Transitions – Part 2

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In their last post, Brian Thompson and Joshua Neckes from Simon Data described the importance of building sophisticated lifecycle campaigns around specific, well-defined transitions in the customer journey. Optimizing around these critical lifecycle milestones yields meaningful increases in customer lifetime value (LTV). Below, they're covering transitions 5 through 11 that they feel are most critical, and how to best harness the data you should be collecting about customers. Read More ›

Taking The Pain Out Of Email Design and Editing

Email design, whether you are creating your own or editing email templates, can be a frustrating experience within many email service providers (ESPs). Read about SendGrid's new editing experience that lets you choose the editing path that works best for you–without sacrificing the HTML flexibility you need. Read More ›

Our New Guide For Senders In The Media And Publishing Industry

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As part of our ongoing effort to help senders in all industries send better, more engaging email campaigns, we’ve created a new guide designed just for businesses in the media and publishing industry. If your business operates in the media/publishing industry, this guide will help you take charge of your email program, make valuable improvements, and demonstrate your expertise. Read More ›