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Use Website and Email Retargeting Data to Create and Launch Display Ads

Built on SendGrid’s reliable platform used by 78,000+ customers, SendGrid Ads can help you scale your business by combining your email, data, and display advertising into a single, valuable tool. With SendGrid Ads, you’ll be able to engage and retarget your customers across channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Google Display Ads, optimize your marketing spend, and grow your business.

Create Beautiful, Impactful Display Ads in Minutes

Using SendGrid’s ad builder, you can build an attractive display ad campaign quickly, and then launch that campaign across Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Use your display ads to target existing customers in a variety of different ways:

  • Encourage customers who opened your recent emails to return to your website
  • Promote a new sale to customers who did not open your marketing email
  • Reach out to unengaged customers outside of the inbox

Grow Your Email List Through Remarketing

Display ads can help you widen your net, and increase the number of contacts you have, giving you the opportunity to educate, encourage engagement, or promote a product. SendGrid Ads can be used for:

  • Lead Ads - Grow your contact list by letting potential customers subscribe to your newsletter without leaving the ad or the app.
  • Lookalike Audiences - Promote your display ads to an audience of people that share characteristics with your current subscribers.

Track Your Display Advertising Impact

SendGrid Ads has advanced analytics that will help you understand how all of your display ad campaigns are performing. By using the SendGrid pixel on your website, you can track exactly which users visited and then engaged with your ads in channels like Facebook and Instagram.

Increase Your Email Marketing Effectiveness

SendGrid Ads can help you consistently promote your brand across multiple channels and through retargeting.

  • Combine your transactional and marketing email lists and launch display ad campaigns to all your contacts
  • Increase your brand awareness by launching display ads to audiences based on gender, location, age, and other demographic information
  • Use display ads in conjunction with your email marketing to reiterate a value proposition or current promotion

Built on a Platform You can Trust

SendGrid Ads is built on top of our industry-leading, cloud-based customer communication platform. SendGrid ensures that you can scale by helping you with all of your communication needs, including:

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