SendGrid is now part of Twilio, powering the future of customer engagement on one platform.

Bring modern chat messaging to your website and app

Customers are ready to chat with businesses in a more convenient and personal way.

  • Facilitate one-on-one or group conversations
  • Know when the customer is typing or has read your message
  • Enable chat within browser-based web applications as well native iOS and Android applications

Combine chat with your email and push notifications to meet your customers where they are

Sometimes customers need to have a real time conversation, other times they want to converse asynchronously. We support both - on all devices.

  • Automatically send an email or a push notification with an answer when customers go offline mid-conversation
  • Preserve message history so customers always have the context of previous conversations
  • Customers can always begin reading where they left off, even if they rejoin the conversation from a different device

Application-to-person messaging

Connect with your customers in a way that creates a great customer experience and also scales.

  • Create pre-fabricated responses for your most common chat questions
  • Trigger automatic responses with business hours, Q&A, and more
  • Personalize messages based on key customer data, such as first name or purchase history

Improve your communication effectiveness by integrating your email and chat conversations.

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